Cairns Icl

Founded in 1972 by WJ Cairns with RA Forrester and GM Aylward, all graduates from MIT's world leading Planning School, the practice was the first Environmental Consultancy in Scotland.

Combining Management skills with Economics, Planning, Engineering, Environmental Sciences and the Design and Contractual disciplines, the practice has gained an international reputation for innovative solutions that meet the most stringent environmental criteria, frequently in hostile and demanding circumstances.

Cairns is the winner of a number of the most prestigious UK Design and Environmental Awards (BBC, Civic Trust and Financial Times Architecture) including the Flotta and Sullom Voe Oil and Gas Terminals; Megget Reservoir and Oldside Iron and Steel Works. Winner of the first Ministry of Defence EIA commission, Cairns was the Lead Environmental Consultant for the Trident Missile and Submarine Fleet infrastructure development programme, Faslane, Scotland.