Enfys Ecology

Enfys Ecology provides a wide range of services; from ecological surveying and habitat creation, to education and wildlife gardening, always delivering a top quality service that you can trust.

Enfys Ecology is a wholly owned subsidiary of North Wales Wildlife Trust with 100% of the profits returned to help create a better environment for the people and wildlife of North Wales. North Wales Wildlife Trust has had a consultancy arm since 1995, with Enfys Ecology being launched in 2010.

We are a members of the Association of Wildlife Trust Consultancies (AWTC) and offer Biodiversity Benchmark and BREEAM assessments. AWTC promotes quality standards. Its members share training and knowledge and work together on major and national projects. Our unparalleled access to local expertise and knowledge gives us a unique view of your requirements. As land managers ourselves, we understand the importance of cost-effective and achievable recommendations.