Green Brain

Being small and light on our feet, once we accept your task we move fast to meet your needs. Green Brain is a home-based small business so operates below the VAT threshold and has few overheads, allowing us to charge very competitive rates. For core work you will enjoy a personal and skilled principal consultant-level high quality service - you deal directly with Barry and there is no passing off of work by less experienced staff. For larger or more complex tasks we are flexible and free to pick and choose from an extensive list of Associates to assemble exactly the team you need.

For Green Brain no job is too small, and we particularly welcome work for other small businesses and for members of the public. We are happy to travel and our client list extends to roughly a 150-mile radius - but we do aim to work in a sustainable manner, so particularly welcome work in or around Somerset. To encourage local business we reward clients within 50 road miles of Taunton by waiving travel costs.