Silkstone Environmental

Silkstone Environmental, founded in 2000, are a Sheffield based consultancy which can offer the following services including Geoenvironmental and Geotechnical Site Investigation, Land Surveying, Mineral Assessments and Planning, Waste Planning, Licensing and Permitting, Topographical and Measured Building Surveying across Yorkshire, Sheffield, Leeds, Rotherham, Barnsley, the North of England and more widely across the UK.

Silkstone employs consultants including Geotechnical Engineers, Engineering Geologists, Waste Managers, Mineral and Waste Planners, Contaminated Land Specialists and Surveyors. The senior partners within the practice have over 50 years of relevant experience from the Mineral Exploration, Geotechnical site investigation, Waste Management, Geoenvironmental and Construction industries across both the UKand overseas.

Silkstone works closely with associate consultants, allowing the practice to offer services beyond its in-house expertise.